Small industry to make a comprehensive analysis of the bluetooth audio industry
Date: 2023-02-17 12:32:39

market also presents obvious rising trend, many brands will be bluetooth speakers as an important growth point in 2013, and users also began to gradually accept the bluetooth speakers products, the market is to the benign direction.

Users' demand for bluetooth speakers is on the rise, and the future space is huge

We can first look at whether a product line is at its best from the user's perspective. In October 2012, skynet conducted a one-month online survey on bluetooth speaker consumption, and collected more than 1,000 valid questionnaires. The results showed that more than half of users were interested in bluetooth audio products, and they were very much looking forward to the launch of mainstream products. These users are mainly young white-collar workers with strong consumption ability, and most of them belong to rational consumption users with high cognition of products.

Home, outdoor environment for bluetooth speaker needs to increase

User gradually mature for bluetooth speakers development provides a good development prospect, from the sales of smart phones and tablets can also see that a bluetooth device in the future market is infinite, also from the software analysis, also more mature, more entertainment software requirements for quality and experience, bluetooth speakers usability and sound very attention by user.

Traditional channels are mature and e-commerce channels are gaining momentum

Multimedia speakers started from traditional channels. With the development of DIY market, although DIY industry has been declining, channel construction has become quite mature. New products can be put on the market immediately and promoted rapidly through established channel

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