Bluetooth speaker into the mainstream of 2012 audio industry events inventory
Date: 2023-02-17 12:33:06

The development track of the audio industry is made up of a series of key events. In 2012, the major events affecting the industry are still the core points of interest. From this, we can have a more accurate and profound understanding of the market situation, product development, user demand and other issues of the audio industry.

10. The first bluetooth 4.0 noise-reducing headset was released

After the release of bluetooth 4.0, most smart phones quickly adopted bluetooth 4.0 as the standard configuration, but in terms of audio peripherals, products that actually used bluetooth 4.0 module have not appeared yet. In the second half of 2012, selbel brand first launched bluetooth 4.0 headset G18, which combines active noise reduction function with wireless transmission and independently develops bluetooth noise reduction and power amplifier circuit. G18 is also the first bluetooth 4.0 headset in the real sense in China. Compared with traditional bluetooth, bluetooth 4.0 has improved bandwidth and greatly reduced power consumption, making it more suitable for audio products.

9. Magic voice continues to condone fake goods

As an internationally renowned headphone brand, magic sound headphone products have a large number of fans around the world, and many stars are endorsing them. However, magic sound in domestic channel management has been very poor, a large number of fake goods flooded the market, the number of even more than the original, whether physical stores or network channels, magic sound fake goods have been rampant. In 2012, it got worse. And demon sound official turns a deaf ear to this matter all the time, this lets domestic a lot of users are very helpless.

8. Combination of bluetooth speaker, NFC and APP

Bluetooth speakers are undoubtedly the hottest category of products in 2012, but they also face the problem of homogeneity in the early stage of development. In the second half of 2012, DOSS brand released a new asimo 3 generation speaker. In addition to the core bluetooth function, asimo 3 broke 

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