Inheritance of classic K272HD,K242HD,K142HD
Date: 2023-02-17 12:33:22

HD, which means "HD" in Chinese, AKG has four headphones with the suffix "HD", namely K272HD, K242HD, K172HD and K142HD. Among them, the professional version of the K242HD prototype is the early AKG award-winning, the most classic audio listening headphones. The professional prototype of the K142HD was the most popular listening headset in early American recording studios. The K272HD is the most targeted of the four headphones.

All four headphones are home models, but they are all connected to AKG's professional listening model. The predecessors of models like the K242HD and K142HD are even straight out of the classic professional listening headphones. This also makes its positioning a little vague and ambiguous. It's also easy to get confused

The prototype and predecessor of these four headphones are the famous AKG professional listening headphones

As for the positioning and characteristics of these four models, our explanation is as follows: like K701 and Q701, these four headphones are all home HiFi models. Although some of them were originally professional listening headphones, they have been redesigned by AKG to adjust and optimize the requirements for home use. For example, professional listening headphones have higher requirements on the wearing reliability of headphones and cannot slip off easily. Therefore, the wearing design must make the headset clip tighter. However, the average ear pressure of K272HD, K242HD, K172HD and K142HD of these four models (that is, the pressure of earphone unit on the auricle) is lower than that of professional monitoring earphones, which is closer to the requirements of home HiFi earphones and more comfortable to wear.

Today, we will give you a comprehensive comparison and analysis of K272HD, K242HD and K142HD headphones (K172HD is not discussed for the moment).

K272HD, K242HD, and K142HD are all retro in appearance. Color and modelling are more primitive and simple, conservative, whole body is showing "professional" breath. This is also related to the positioning of the prototype, after all, two of the earphones were the predecessor of earphones used in early professional recording studios. The classic AKG patented universal shaft suspension system and adaptive head beam design are adopted to ensure the comfort of wearing. And these three models can be said to be very solid in details such as the firmness of the headset itself and the connection of wires, which fully inherit the advantages of the durability of professional listening headphones. The K272HD adopts a closed design, which can eliminate the problem of sound leakage and sound insulation to the greatest extent, while the K142HD and K242HD adopt a semi-open structure.

In terms of appearance, these models all inherit the classic retro desig

The overall performance of K272HD is undoubtedly the best of the three

K272HD: overall, the sound of K272HD is the most balanced of the three. The distortion of K272HD is very low, the sound is very realistic, and the low-frequency sense is slightly less than that of K242HD, but it is still good to dive, and maintains AKG's consistent clear characteristics and condensed texture, so even in the performance of large system music, it can also show a strong momentum. The sound field of K272HD is basically the same as that of K242HD, and the sound scale is relatively large. Overall, the performance of K272HD can be said to be excellent, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, K272HD has a very obvious sense of medium and high frequency space. It has brilliant timbre, rich details, excellent high-frequency extension and excellent hall tone performance.

Second, the high frequency of K272HD has a good thickness, while maintaining a very high overall transparency.

Third, in addition, K272HD's analytical force, sense of positioning, three-dimensional sense of sound field and rich levels of performance are also very good, outstanding comprehensive level.

"Forgotten memories, unforgettable legends." Even after years and improvements, AKG never forgot to pass on her classical voice in a new form. These three headphones symbolize AKG's deep understanding and unremitting pursuit of sound.



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